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Semi Finals at Primary School tourney

Today’s semi final match in the senior boy’s division will see Avarua, Avatea, Arorangi and the combined school of Te Uki Ou/Imanuela contest it out for a placing for first and second placing contest for next week’s finals.
Avarua and Avatea have won all their games while Arorangi and Te Uki Ou/Imanuela have only lost one match during the round robin competition and today’s game is crucial if they are to compete for the top honors. Te Uki Ou/Imanuela will take on Avarua and Avatea will play Arorangi.
Following a one nil loss against Arorangi, Avarua will contest against the winner of Group B in the senior girl’s category while Nikao play Arorangi.
Last Wednesday’s matches saw Avarua beat Arorangi by two goals to one in the senior boys division while Avatea cruised to a confident win against Nikao by eight goals to two. Nukutere took their first win in the round robin competition against Papaaroa by three goals to one and Te Uki Ou/Imanuela thumping Titikaveka by six goals to nil much to the thrill of their supporters.
Surprising results in the senior girl’s division where Avarua displayed a lot of skill and talent in their match against Arorangi however it was Arorangi who dashed the hopes of Avarua to win against Avarua by one goal to nil. Both schools tried to score goals during the first half of the match but failed. With five minutes remaining in the second half Arorangi capitalized on a loose ball to strike through their sole goal and take the win much to the excitement of their teachers and supporters.
Other results saw Titikaveka win their game by one goal to nil against Nukutere while Avatea confidently put Nikao away by two goals to nil.
Results from last Wednesday 7 March:
Girls division:
Arorangi 1 – Avarua 0, Nukutere 0 – Titikaveka 1, Avatea 2 – Nikao 0
Boys division:
Arorangi 1 – Avarua 2, Nukutere 3 – Papaaroa 1, Avatea 8 – Nikao 2, Te Uki Ou/Imanuela 6 – Titikaveka 0
Draw for today, Wednesday 14 March:
Girls kick off at 2.45pm:
Field 1 Nikao vs. Arorangi
Field 2 Avatea vs. Avarua
Field 3 Nukutere vs. Imanuela
Boys Semi Finals kick off at 3.20pm:
Field 1 Avarua vs. Te Uki Ou/Imanuela
Field 2 Avatea vs. Arorangi
Field 3 Papaaroa vs. Titikaveka
Field 4 Nukutere vs. Nikao

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