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After seven years in the making, it was only fitting that today’s inauguration was celebrated in style with colour and culture dominating the proceedings.

Youthful and vibrant young Cook Islanders jumped in to the football green accompanied by thunderous drum beats to join in the celebrations. Dwarfed by the peaks of majestic volcanic mountains, the bare-bellied and bare-shouldered female dancers simultaneously swayed their hips to the drum beats while the men, in colourful purple headwear, accompanied them. In the western world the movements can be described as seductive, but to these islanders, it is traditional dancing.

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Just Play

OFC is committed to growing football at community and school level throughout the Pacific. To this end, OFC has developed a unique grassroots programme called ‘Just Play’which promotes physical activity for primary-aged children while encouraging community involvement and healthy living.

Just Play’ is designed for children aged 6-12 and is based around structured activity programmes as well as the distribution of equipment packs containing balls, cones, bibs, activity manuals and other resources that enable children to play football at anytime and in any situation.

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FIFA Goal Project

The FIFA Goal Programme was initiated by the FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter for the benefit of national associations, and ratified by the 1999 Extraordinary FIFA Congress in Los Angeles. Goal is a tailor-made development and assistance programme designed to realise projects based on the specific needs of national associations.

For the Oceania region seven countries were selected by the FIFA Goal Bureau to benefit from Goal until 2002 with the projects supervised by the FIFA Development Office in Auckland in collaboration with the respective national associations.

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Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) places high importance on developing world-class match officials and in 2008 referee development received a huge boost thanks to a brand new FIFA-funded Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) from Oceania Football Confederation (OFC).

The CIFA referee’s department is staffed by Referee Development Officer Lai Gukisuva, Referee Instructors Maara Kaukura and Robert Savage and Fitness Trainer Mike Mouauri.

The referee department has four objectives.  Firstly it aims to raise the standards of behaviour and performance.  Secondly, identify potential referees and assistant referees for higher level competition.


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