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Aitutaki Youth Football Champs

In the Under 16 Girls category, Aitutaki were evenly matched by Te Au O Tonga in most facets of play. However the wet conditions saw the first goal scored by Aitutaki after the Te Au O Tonga goal keeper lost control of the ball. This gave the Aitutaki girls more confidence and added their lead to 2-0 just before half time. Te Au O Tonga fought hard through the early stages of the second half but was unable to break the Aitutaki defence and only managed to score their sole goal five minutes before full time with the final score of two goals to one.
In the Under 15 Boys category, again the boys from Aitutaki island edged out Te Au O Tonga by one goal to nil. The sole goal in this match was scored early in the game when the Te Au O Tonga goal keeper ran out of his area and the ball was quickly squared in by the Aitutaki winger for his striker to put the ball in the back of the net. The Aitutaki supporters were very vocal until the final whistle. The Te Au O Tonga side tried tirelessly throughout the second half of the match to equalize but the Aitutaki defence was difficult to break.
In the other matches played Atiu Island defeated Mangaia, 1-0 in the Under 16 girls division to take out the bronze medal while Mauke beat Mitiaro by three goals to nil to claim the bronze medal in the Under 15 Boys category.
The Cook Islands Football Association would like to thank all participating teams and officials from the three Vakas and the five island teams, on behalf of CIFA Thank you very much for your assistance may you all have a safe journey home.
The medal winners are as follows:
Under 16 Girls
Gold Aitutaki
Silver Te Au O Tonga
Bronze Atiu
Under 15 Boys
Gold Aitutaki
Silver Te Au O Tonga
Bronze Mauke

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