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Junior Soccer Competition heats up

The young players were eager and ready before the matches in uniform to play for their clubs with loud cheering from team mates, parents and supporters on the side lines.
In the Under 11 mix, Nikao United showed great control and skill as they beat Raemaru Kanga three goals to nil. Tupapa Baby Piranhas played an outstanding match as they overpowered Titikaveka Puppies five goals to two. Takuvaine played with determination in an intense match between Matavera. Takuvaine beat Matavera three goals to one with overwhelming cheering from the crowd.
The Under 14 girls did not disappoint as Tupapa Fairies did not hold back on their intense goal scoring crushing Titikaveka Hellcats eight goals to nil. Matavera Real Deal brought their A-game as they beat Nikao Ice three goals to nil. While the Baby Bears stunned the Princess Bratz five goals to one.
The Under 14 boys intense match with Tupapa Pandas beating Nikao Fire three goals to two. Raemaru Flyers and Takuvaine each showcased a strong defence and managed a one all draw in their game.
There was no doubt that all teams are ready to play with competitive determination, speed and skill for their clubs today at the CIFA Complex in Matavera.

Today kicking off at 4:45pm the Under 11 mix Nikao United will play Matavera on field two, Takuvaine challenge Tupapa Baby Piranhas on field three and Raemaru Kanga will go head to head with the Titikaveka Puppies on field four.
5:10pm the Under 14 girls’s Nikao Ice will face the Baby Bears on field two, Titikaveka Hellcats will contest Princess Bratz on field three and Matavera Real Deal will challenge Tupapa Fairies on field four.
The Boy’s Under 14 will head into their mathes at 5:35pm with Titikaveka Terriers playing Raemaru Flyers on field two and Takuvaine will take on Tupapa Pandas on field three.
Come and show your support for our junior teams today.
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Results from last Wednesday:
Under 11 Mix Division
Nikao United 3 – Raemaru Kanga 0
Takuvaine 3 – Matavera 1
Tupapa Baby Piranhas 5 – Titikaveka 2
Under 14 Girls Division
Tupapa Fairies 8 – Titikaveka 0
Matavera Real Deal 3 – Nikao Ice 0
Baby Bears 5 – Princess Bratz 1
Under 14 Boys Division
Takuvaine 1 – Raemaru Flyers 1
Tupapa Pandas 0 – Nikao Fire 2
Titikaveka Terrier – BYE
Draw for today in the Under 11 mix division at 4.45pm:
Field 2 Nikao United vs. Matavera
Field 3 Tupapa Baby Piranhas vs. Takuvaine
Field 4 Raemaru Kanga vs. Titikaveka Puppies
Draw for today in the Under 14 girls division will kick off at 5.10pm:
Field 2 Nikao Ice vs. Baby Bears
Field 3 Titikaveka Hellcats vs. Princess Bratz
Field 4 Matavera Real Deal vs. Tupapa Fairies
Draw for today in the Under 14 boys division will kick off at 5.35pm:
Field 2 Titikaveka Terriers vs. Raemaru Flyers
Field 3 Tupapa Pandas vs. Takuvaine
Field 4 Nikao Fire vs. BYE

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