Soccer refs attend course

Over 20 participants attended the opening of the course where echoes of encouragement were given by Cook Islands Football President, Lee Harmon to improve and develop their knowledge as a soccer referee and as an assistant referee.
There are two main objectives of the course, one is to evaluate the performance of the local referees involved in the course both theory and practical aspects and secondly to evaluate the performance of the local instructors, their teaching methodology, communications and the pro activation of the teaching materials.
According to Massimo they are here at the request of the Cook Islands Football Association and as a follow up from the 2008 Referees Course to see if the participants have improved since then. He also mentioned that this is an opportunity for him and his colleagues to identify potential officials who may officiate at an Oceania Tournament or at a FIFA Tournament.
“We are here to assist you in any way we can to improve the officiating of football during your season”, said Massimo.
“This course is aimed for elite referees that officiate in the top divisions of the local competition however we have had to adapt to manage according to the member association. So we have had to accept intermediate and exceptionally basic referees”.
“Working together as a team is an important aspect for officiating in a soccer match”.
A need to ensure that this referee’s course delivers a clear program for Cook Islands Football and what is required from the participants. This is where the instructor’s meet to discuss the positive aspects and areas that need to be improved and finding solutions. Also cooperation is important from the participants to gather ideas from the field and consider the member associations feedback is a priority.
The course will be comprehensive and very valuable in raising the Referees knowledge of the Laws of the Game and also the mental and physical requirements of the role in an effort to improve the consistent application of the game. Practical sessions are also on the agenda for the team from Oceania to test our local referees for fitness and stamina.