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A knock-out turnout at Village Festival

A ‘knock-out’ turnout saw around 125 children aged between 5-13 years enjoy the after school fun activities with Just Play soccer, rugby, netball and new comer rugby league.
A rotational system was set up with each activity delivering to around 10-15 kids at one time, giving the young ones the opportunity to experience a good variety and most of all have FUN.
“We were overwhelmed with the awesome turnout from the children of Tupapa Maraerenga as well as those from nearby villages,” says Michelle Paiti, Just Play Project Manager.
“This was the biggest turnout since this programme begun in March last year and we hope it continues throughout the year with a challenge now for all villages to match or better this number.”
Regular water breaks were conducted throughout the afternoon giving the children the opportunity to hydrate and exchange thoughts with their friends of what they enjoyed so far.
On one of those occasions children were asked about how their first 2014 Village Festival was going for them and shouts of enjoyment echoed throughout the park.
“We are having FUN.”
With the excitement slowly coming to an end all the children were gathered together for a group photo to commemorate the first 2014 Village Festival.
Paiti handed out ‘health cards’ to help remind the kids the importance of eating five servings of fruits and veggies a day, drinking WATER is best and keeping active through activities such as these village festivals.
“We are encouraged by the response and feedback from many parents and are now looking to increase our festivals,” says Paiti.
Paiti would like to thank all the parents for organising and encouraging their children to attend as well as all partners for the continued support and assistance in improving the lifestyles of our children for the future.
Paiti also acknowledges the continued support of the Australia Aid (AusAID) and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC).

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