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Football refs gather for course

Twenty three referees from around Rarotonga are participating in the course held at the CIFA academy which is led by the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Referee Development Officer Massimo Raveino.
Massimo’s team also includes FIFA Referee Instructor Neil Poloso and FIFA Fitness Instructor Kader Touati who are assisted by a team of four local instructors.
Over the course of one week of intensive practical and theoretical sessions the participants will undergo training on the Laws of the Game and its interpretations. The training will also cover practical sessions where the referees test their classroom knowledge in simulated match conditions at the CIFA Academy football field.
This year’s course is attended by several new enthusiast youth who are keen to take on the challenge of refereeing while the remaining participants are those who are still interested in this role.
“I believe that most of the referees have improved throughout the last two years. Learning is one thing however if you are not committed you will never improve”, says Harmon.
He went on to say that he is grateful to the RAP team for accepting the request from CIFA to organize this follow up referee’s course for the local participants.
Raveino outlined the main objectives of the course in his opening remarks the various topics that referees are urged to consider and take on during the week. He went to commend that each participant need to work as a team to improve the level of refereeing and football in the Cook Islands.
“Each referee acts as a ‘justice of the peace’ on the field for twenty two players throughout the match”, he says.
“This is where their training comes into effect, all physical, technical and fitness competencies are challenged in the match”.
Raveino thanked CIFA for its work with the preparations and execution of the course. Massimo also spoke highly of two CIFA referees Tupou Patia and Terry Piri that were appointed to officiate at Oceania tournaments and the recent OFC Nations Cup in the Solomon Islands.
In his final note to the course participants, he urged them to support the development of football in the Cooks and to work together as a team.
“When you are required to officiate in your local competition you must go, team spirit is important” Raveino said in his challenge to the referees.