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Nikao Sokattak Overwhelms Matavera

In the Premier Men’s match played at Takitumu School Field on Saturday, Nikao Sokattak Football Club defeated Matavera Football Club with two unanswered goals to see their side progress through to the semi-finals this week.

In the first half of the match, Nikao Sokattak belted through two goals, with the first goal in the 19th minute of play from Mark Leito catching the Matavera goal keeper off-guard to save the shot. Nikao’s second goal came before the half time break from Ian Leito, who scored his team’s second goal in the 34th minute.
In the second half of the match Nikao Sokattak’s defence dug deep and battled it out with Matavera on the pitch. Matavera pressed more, trying tirelessly to score, but unfortunately were unable to find the back of the net.
The match ended with Nikao Sokattak winning with a full time score of two goals to nil.
In the other Premier Men’s matches played at Raemaru Park , Takuvaine claimed victory over Puaikura . In an exciting match that went down to the wire, Takuvaine beat Puaikura four goals to three. In Friday’s Premier Men’s match Titikaveka beat Avatiu two goals to one.
In the Senior Women’s division, Titikaveka defeated Avatiu one goal to nil, Nikao Sokattak thrashed Matavera fifteen goals to nil and Puaikura beat Takuvaine three goals to nil.
Full results from the weekend’s knock-out competition:
Premier Men’s division:
Matavera 0–2 Nikao Sokattak
Puaikura 3 – 4 Takuvaine
Titikaveka 2– 1 Avatiu
Senior Women’s division:
Titikaveka 1 –0 Avatiu
Matavera 0 – 15 Nikao Sokattak
Puaikura 3 – 0 Takuvaine
Under 17 Men’s division:
Nikao Sokattak 13 – 0 Titikaveka
Avatiu 3 – 1 Puaikura
Tupapa Maraerenga 3 –1 Matavera
Under 14 Boy’s division:
Nikao Sokattak 1 –0 Titikaveka
Tupapa Maraerenga 5-0 Takuvaine
Puaikura 3-1 Matavera
Under 14 Girl’s division:
Tupapa Maraerenga 15 – 0 Nikao Sokattak
Puaikura 6- 0 Takuvaine
Titikaveka 0 – 1 Avatiu
Under 11 Mixed divisions:
Matavera 6- 0 Nikao Sokattak
Titikaveka 1-0 Avatiu
Puaikura 2-0 Takuvaine
Under 8 Mixed divisions:
Takuvaine 7 – 0 Titikaveka
Avatiu 6-5 Nikao Sokattak (penalty shoot-out)
Puaikura 4-3 Tupapa Maraerenga (penalty shoot-out)

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