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Just Play reaches Palmerston Island

The launch took place at the only school on the island, Palmerston Lucky School with nine school students aged 9-12 years taking part in Just Play.
In February, school teacher Rose Clark who was waiting for a boat back to Palmerston took the opportunity to attend the 5th Just Play workshop here on Rarotonga conducted by Just Play manager, Michelle Paiti with several other school teachers from around Rarotonga.
Geared up with the Just Play kits of equipment, Clark returned to deliver the programme to the students who were keen to learn and enjoy this new initiative and will continue through this last term of the school year calendar.
“This is exciting for the progression of Just Play in our community, especially since it is difficult to travel to the northern parts of the Cook Islands,” says Paiti.
“I believe that the children on Palmerston will thoroughly enjoy the activities through this Just Play programme and I would like to congratulate Rose for taking the opportunity to provide a new activity to Palmerston and encourage the students to participate as much as possible and have fun,” she says.
Since it’s inauguration in 2011, Just Play has reached over 1400 children from the age 6 through to 13 in the Primary Schools and community organizations here in the Cook Islands.
The ever popular program has spread its wings to two of the outer islands, Aitutaki and Atiu while three training courses have taken place here on Rarotonga with many festivals celebrated in the past three years.
Palmerston Island consists of a number of sandy islets on a continuous ring of coral reef enclosing a lagoon. The island has no airport or regular air service, but cargo ships visit a few times a year, therefore Michelle was happy that this OFC social development programme has managed to spread its wings to Palmerston.
Just Play was developed by the OFC social and technical departments and has reached far and wide within the Pacific islands and remote areas.
Michelle expresses her gratitude to the Government of Australia – through its agencies the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) for its continued support.

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