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Speed and Fun at Junior Five-A-Side Football

Kicking off at 4:45pm in the Under 11 mix division Matavera will go head to head with Raemaru Kanga on field one. Titikaveka Puppies will contest Takuvaine on field two. Tupapa Baby Pirahnas will face off with leading Nikao United on field four.
Under 14 Girls division at 5:10pm Matavera Real Deal will play Titikaveka Wildcats on field one. Skilled Nikao Ice will challenge Princess Bratz on field two. Leading Tupapa Fairies play Baby Bears on field four.
Under 14 Boys division at 5:35pm leading Nikao fire will challenge Takuvaine on field one. Tupapa Pandas will encounter Titikaveka Terriers on field two.
The Junior Five-A -Side football teams will be playing their hearts out today. We encourage you to come and show your support for our junior teams today.
Results from last week Wednesday
Under 11 mix division
Nikao United 2 – Titikaveka Puppies 0
Matavera 2 – Tupapa Baby Piranhas 1
Raemaru Kanga 2 – Takuvaine 0
Under 14 girls division
Tupapa Fairies 5 – Princess Bratz 0
Matavera Real Deal 2 – Baby Bears 0
Titikaveka Wildcats 2 – Nikao Ice 0
Under 14 boys division
Nikao Fire 8 – Titikaveka Terriers 2
Tupapa Pandas 6 – Raemaru Flyers 0
Draw for today Under 11 mix division at 4.45pm:
Field 4 Nikao United vs. Tupapa Baby Piranhas
Field 2 Takuvaine vs. Titikaveka Puppies
Field 1 Raemaru Kanga vs. Matavera
Under 14 girls division will kick off at 5.10pm:
Field 4 Baby Bears vs. Tupapa Fairies
Field 2 Nikao Ice vs. Princess Bratz
Field 1 Titikaveka Wildcats vs. Matavera Real Deal
Under 14 boys division will kick off at 5.35pm:
Field 2 Tupapa Pandas vs. Titikaveka Terriers
Field 1 Takuvaine vs. Nikao Fire
Raemaru Flyers – BYE

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