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Takuvaine embrace Village Festival

The seventh village festival held last Tuesday saw almost fifty children attend the two hour sport activities provided by Just Play Football, netball, cricket and rugby for boys and girls 5-13 years of age.
With a rotational system running for the youngsters they were able to experience the different sporting codes and enjoy all the activities and games on offer. Keeping the fundamental aspects of each sporting code, the children experienced many different fun activities while also playing small sided games.
“Giving our children more opportunities to be active and improve their lifestyles is what this community initiative is all about,” says Paiti.
“We would like to encourage more of the youngsters aged 5 to 13 years of age to come along to these festivals held once a month in the different villages around Rarotonga,” she says.
The health message of eating five fruits and vegetables a day was this month’s theme and nutritionist Karen Tairea talked to the young ones on the importance and benefits of eating fruits and veggies every day. To wrap up Tairea’s talk the children got into the festivity of a fruit salad musical dance to remember this month’s health message.
“It seems that the young ones understand the importance however it is one thing to know but to also do is the challenge. We would like to encourage our parents to help our little ones to eat healthy and be active,” says Tairea.
The village festivals are providing opportunities for all children around the island to get involved and have a go at a variety of sports close to home while mixing with their peers in a fun environment.
Through this new community initiative instigated by the Just Play Project Manager, Michelle Paiti, Cook Islands Football have partnered up with Cook Islands Cricket, Little Athletics, Netball Cook Islands and Cook Islands Rugby and strengthened their partnership with Ministry of Health to assist in improving the lifestyles of our children in the future.
Michelle acknowledges the continued support of the Government of Australia – through its agencies the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

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