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Harmon re-elected as CIFA President

Delegates from the Rarotonga Clubs and the Outer Island Associations all attended to review the progress of football within their club and the island associations and to elect the new office bearers.
Mr. Harmon, who has been President for over 10 years has been re-elected unopposed to the President’s position for another term of 4 years.
Harmon said that, “He believes he still has a lot to offer to the administration affairs of football in the Cook Islands. I will work with the Executive and Board Members to ensure the progress of football is maintained.”
Other positions in the Executive also saw changes with close voting counts to determine who the Board Members for 2010 will be.
The full Executive Members for the Cook Islands Football Association for 2010 to 2014 are as follows:
Mr. Lee Harmon
Vice President:
Mr. Jake Numanga
Jonah Tisam
Executive Members:
John-Paul Wilson
Tangi Tereapii
Dennis Tararo
Moeroa Tamangaro
Sanjay Chand
CIFA acknowledges the work and commitment done by the previous Vice President, Allen Parker who will be travelling overseas to take a new post. CIFA would like to wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Allen has been replaced by the new Vice President, Jake Numanga.
Before closing the meeting Mr. Harmon acknowledged the hard work and support given by the previous Executive and Board Members and looks forward to working with the new Executive and Board Members for another 4 years.

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