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Avatea & Arorangi big winners in Primary School Championship

First time winner Arorangi Senior Girl’s also claimed the 2012 Senior Girl’s trophy after defeating two time champions Avarua by three goals to two in an exciting match.
The finale game in the senior boy’s match saw Avatea head into a much awaited clash against the Te Uki Ou/Imanuela side and wasting no time by scoring three quick unanswered goals much to the surprise of the Te Uki Ou/Imanuela players in the first half.
In the second spell of the game Te Uki Ou/Imanuela managed to score two goals to move closer to Avatea but Avatea slotted through another goal to further their lead by four goals to two. Time had run out for Te Uki Ou/Imanuela who tried to add another goal and with that Avatea celebrating their first time win and to be crowned champions for the 2012 Senior Primary School Football Tournament.
“We worked hard against Te Uki Ou/Imanuela in our game and we wanted the win and finally we got it,” says Michael captain of the Avatea senior boy’s team.
“I would like to thank Te Uki Ou/Imanuela for a good game and to my team mates for a great win,” he says.
In the senior girl’s category the confident Avarua side proved their dominance against their opponents Arorangi by scoring early in the first half. With ten minutes of playing remaining Arorangi levelled the score-line at one goal a-piece by the half time whistle.
Avarua quickly slotted through another goal after five minutes of the second half whistle sounded much to the cheers of their teachers and supporters however it was short lived with fifteen minutes of play remaining when Arorangi levelled the score with two a goals a-piece.
Both sides tried tirelessly to score the winning goal, pounding everything they had at their defences, Avarua came close to wrapping up the game when a cross from the right corner landed in front of an Avarua player with no one in front of the goal but an unbalanced kick saw the ball fly away from the goal much to the relief of the Arorangi supporters. As the players scrambled for the ball in the Avarua goal area Arorangi managed to slip the ball past the Avarua goal keeper and the players and supporters erupted in cheers. As the final whistle sounded Arorangi celebrated with high fives and their win against giants Avarua by three goals to two.
“I would like to thank our teacher for encouraging us throughout the tournament,” says Tekura, captain of the Arorangi girl’s team.
“Big ups to my team mates, we played really well for this win and thank you Avarua for a good final,” she says.
In the other matches played third placing was snatched up by Avatea in the girl’s division with a win over Nikao by two goals to one while Arorangi took the third place trophy over Avarua in close game which ended in a penalty shoot-out after the final score was two goals each and Arorangi winning the shoot-out by eleven goals to ten over Avarua.
Results from Wednesday’s final showdown:
Games played at 2.45pm:
Boys Papaaroa 1 (6th Placing) vs. Nikao 3 (5th Placing)
Girls Avatea 2 (3rd Placing) vs. Nikao 1 (4th Placing)
Boys Avarua 10 (4th Placing) vs. Arorangi 11 (3rd Placing)
Girls Nukutere 0 (6th Placing) vs. Titikaveka 2 (5th Placing)
Games played at 3.20pm:
Girls Arorangi 3 (1st Placing) vs. Avarua 2 (2nd Placing)
Boys Te Uki Ou/Imanuela 2 (2nd Placing) vs. Avatea 4 (1st Placing)
Boys Nukutere 4 (7th Placing) vs. Titikaveka 0 (8th Placing)

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