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Tupapa and Nikao head to Soccer Finals

The classy two Premier Men’s teams have flown through to the final, smashing in four goals each to secure their place and giving away nothing to their opponents.
At Matavera, Premier Men’s Round Cup champions Tupapa took only ten minutes within the first half to score their first goal through coach/player Dave Milanovich with goal number two following through five minutes later by Paavo Mustonen. Titikaveka had goal scoring opportunities but failed to target those chances towards the back of the net. Tupapa scoring another two goals to assure their spot in the finals.
In the other semi final match in the Premier Men’s division Nikao Sokattak defeated Matavera with four goals to nil at the full time whistle. Matavera managed to hold off Sokattak to any goals however minutes before the half time break, Sokattak struck the first goal of the match through Steve Cuthers to take the lead by one goal to nil. Sokattak came back in the second half and scored another three goals to secure their win and spot in this week’s knock out finals. Matavera had a rare goal scoring opportunity with the goal keeper to beat but failed to make it count.
In the Senior Women’s division, Round Cup champs Tupapa faced third place Titikaveka in their semi final match. Both teams failing to score during full play so a penalty shootout took place to determine the winner and a spot in this week’s Knock out finals. Tupapa’s goal keeper Moeroa managed to block two shots at goal from Titikaveka to take Tupapa through to the finals. In the other semi final match between Arorangi and Nikao, Arorangi winning by penalty shootout over runners up Nikao to place their spot in the finals against Tupapa.
Matavera’s Under 17 Boys proved too strong for Takuvaine, slotting through eight goals to secure their place at the finals and will face Tupapa. Tupapa played Titikaveka in the other semi final match and a penalty shootout was taken to determine to who will face Matavera.
In the Under 15 Girl’s division, Round Cup champs Tupapa will face Arorangi in the Knock-out finals after punting through a last minute goal against Avatiu in last weekend’s semi final showdown. Arorangi, however had to place their spot through a penalty shootout against Titikaveka.
Avatiu played Arorangi in Tupapa and were holding each other off on a one all equalizer but towards the dying minutes of the second half Avatiu managed to squeeze through their winning goal and booked their place in the finals. Nikao winning too against Tupapa by scoring their one and winning goal to seal the deal and will face Avatiu in the knock-out finals in the Under 14 Boys division.
Full results from last weekend:
Games played at the Matavera school ground:
Under 14 Boys Tupapa 0 – Nikao 1
Under 15 Girls Tupapa 1 – Avatiu 0
Under 17 Boys Tupapa 3 – Titikaveka 2 Penalty shootout
Senior Women Tupapa 4 – Titikaveka 3 Penalty shootout
Premier Men Tupapa 4 – Titikaveka 0
Games played at the Tupapa field:
Under 14 Boys Arorangi 1 – Avatiu 2
Under 15 Girls Arorangi 4 – Titikaveka 2 Penalty shootout
Under 17 Boys Matavera 8 – Takuvaine 0
Senior Women Nikao 3 – Arorangi 5 Penalty shootout
Premier Men Nikao 4 – Matavera 0