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Snow Gas and Nik Minit Lead 5-A-Side Soccer

In the women’s division, Nik Minit sits comfortably at the top of the table with 27 points. They will challenge second place team Tupapa on Thursday and will need to beat them to be crowned champions of the competition. Tupapa will need to beat their opponents with at least 13 unanswered goals if they hope to take out top honours.
Teams in the women’s division will continue their matches on Thursday 5 May.
In the men’s division, Snow Gas remains unbeaten throughout the competition after a tough tussle against SOGIMA last Thursday. Currently the favourites to take out the competition, Snow Gas will only need to win one of their three remaining matches to be crowned the 2016 five-a-side champions. Today they will take rest and recover for their next match against Pushchair Boyz on Thursday.
The match of the day will be the clash between Rima’s Takeaway and Wantoks. Both are contending second and third place on the table with Rima’s sitting on 27 points and Wantoks on 22 points. Both teams will need to put all on the line today if they wish to extend their lead or move up on the table.
In the bottom five division, Virgin Ave sits comfortable on 15 points and will be looking to extend their lead in their next match on Thursday. They will also be taking rest today.
Matches for today will kick off at 4:45pm with the junior divisions. The U8 mix teams will take the pitch for some exciting and fun football action. This will be followed by the U11 mix division at 5:10pm, and then the men’s division at 5:25pm.

Draw for today in the U8 Mix division at 4:45pm:
Field Two Titikaveka vs Baby Katukangas
Field Three Wild Wild West vs Baby Hoteyes
Field Four TKV vs Tupapa Renegades
Draw for today in the U11 Mix at 5:10pm:
Field Two Titikaveka vs Katukangas
Field Three Wild Wild West vs Jnr Piranahzz
Field Four TKV vs Hoteyes
Draw for today in the men’s division at 5:35pm:
Top Five division:
Field Two SOGIMA vs Pushchair Boyz
Field Three Wantokz vs Rima’s Takeaway
BYE- Snow Gas
Bottom Five division:
Field Four Happy Feet vs Wonders
Field Five Titikaveka vs Raptorz
BYE- Virgin Ave

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