Two members of the CIFA Technical department were in Mauke last week to deliver a Youth Certificate coaching course aimed at providing Mauke with more coaches capable of working with players between the ages of 13 to 16 years. Mauke is the second Island to receive a coaching course this year, with Atiu being the first. There was a total of 10 participants who were there to be a part of this course, most of whom were said to between the ages of 25 to 35 years.

CIFA’s Technical director Kevin McGreskin, shared his thoughts saying that the course was great and that the participants were fantastic, enthusiastic and hardworking despite the course being intensive. “we had to deliver 24hrs of content to the participants within the time frame. But in saying that the coaches worked hard, they got out on the field, they enjoyed it and I think everybody learnt a lot.”

“The purpose of this course being held in Mauke is that we want to help the coaches around the whole country and we want to help develop Cook Island people in the sport of Football. In Mauke, a lot of these coaches work with youth players and so in order to provide these youth players with the best environment to develop and further their knowledge of the sport and hopefully realize their potential in the game we had to provide a coaching course which reflects that. Hopefully from these courses being held around the country the country gets the benefit of that by having more talented players in the National teams.” McGreskin Added.

“Mauke has certainly gained some good coaches and I hope that the development of Football in Mauke will be continued through what they have learnt.” Expressed McGreskin.

CIFA Development officer Tahiri Elikana was in Mauke with McGreskin to deliver the course and said that I was a very successful week, “I’d like to share our appreciation of behalf of CIFA to the Mauke Island Football Association, to the Mauke President Tekura Tura and the course participants for your commitment and we look forward to developing football in the outer islands and following up with another course in Mauke.”

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