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Sokattak home to face Puaikura

The Nikao Sokattak premier men’s soccer team will host Puaikura for the first of three games this season. Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura will square off Saturday 25 August 2018 at the Nikao sports field at 4pm.


Puaikura is coming off a narrow 0-1 loss to Tupapa Maraerenga in Round 1 of the football competition, while Nikao Sokattak are off to a strong start and has opened the season well with a 4-1 win over Titikaveka

Nikao Sokattak look more incisive and better equipped to break down stubborn defenses than they did in the past.

Julius David and Nathan Tism were on the score sheet in their first game, and the pair are two of the more critical players to keep an eye on. Today’s match is the biggest test Nikao Sokattak face yet this season

Dwayne Tiputoa, Conroy Tiputoa and Pekay Edwards are the attacking trio that Nikao Sokattak’s back line must contend with. Figuring things out going forward are key for Puaikura to come away with the win here.

Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura have the wealth in experience with a number of players who have been here before which will help settle the nerves.

All in all, this premier men’s match is predicted to be a thrilling and exciting one with all the ingredients of attacking and entertaining football to be displayed.

Prior to the main match the senior women from the clubs of Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura will square off against each other at 2.30pm.



Saturday 25th Aug 2018, at the Avatiu Field.

Avatiu FC vs Titikaveka FC

12.30pm                       Under 14 Girls

Ref: Lai Gukisuva                       Assist: Angelina Mitchell, Geneva Miles

1.30pm                         Under 14 Boys

Ref: Robert Savage       Assist: Bim Tou, Robert. J. Savage

2.30pm                         Senior Women

Ref: Tupou Patia                       Assist: Lai Gukisuva, Moeroa Harmon

4.00pm                         Premier Men

Ref: John Pareanga      Assist: Moeroa Harmon, Tupou Patia


Nikao Sokattak FC vs Puaikura FC at the Nikao Field.

12.30pm                       Under 14 Girls

Ref: Amnish Prasad      Assist: Emilie Pierce, Kura Smith

1.30pm                         Under 14 Boys

Ref: Noel Mani             Assist: Edmund Tupuna, Jake Browne

2.30pm                         Senior Women

Ref: Kimiora Makitae      Assist: Emilie Pierce, Kura Smith

4.00pm                         Premier Men

Ref: Maara Kaukura         Assist: Amnish Prasad, Noel Mani

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