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Tupapa Maraerenga claim 3-2 victory over Nikao Sokattack

For a moment it looked like Nikao Sokattack was going to steal one away from Tupapa Maraerenga on Saturday at Victoria park in Tupapa. Up 2-0 ten minutes into the second half, Nikao Sokattack seemd to have kept their opponents on their heels, but, as we know you can’t keep a top team down for long, a short 35 minutes later, on the boots of Marc Evans and Grover Harmon, Tupapa Mararerenga scored three unanswered goals to surge past Nikao Sokattack and earn a 3-2 victory.

 Nikao Sokattack got the game off to an excellent start. They completely dominated in the first half going up one goal over Tupapa Maraerenga. They were possessig the ball well and appeard to have the game well in hand. They went into the break one nil up.

 Minutes after the kick off for the second Half Ronnie Sakai for Nikao Sokattack sent a long ball into the net. The two goals was the start this team was hoping for. However failure to maintain the tempo for the remainder of the half saw Tupapa Maraerenga come out and show what it means to be a soccer power team in this football competiton. They promptly put a goal on the board that totally changed the tide. Marc Evans was taken out illegally by a Nikao Sokattack defender. Evans converted the penalty kick in the box. After that first goal, Nikao Sokattack seemed completely deflated as Tupapa Maraerenga kept applying pressure on them. It was not long till Evans added another goal to tie the game.

 The toughest shot Tahiri Elikana the goalkeeper for Nikao Sokattack faced  came when the hosts broke the 2-2 tie when Grover Harmon powered a grounded shot that went directly into the net.

Credit to Tupapa Maraerenga who came out and completely dominated the second half. They deserved to win the game.

 In the other Premier men’s match Titikaveka beat Matavera 2-1 and defending champions Puaikura defeated Takuvaine 2-0

 Here are the results from the weekend.

 Tupapa Maraerenga vs Nikao Sokattack

 Premier Men            3-2 

Senior Women         1-0

U-14 Boys                 4-0

U-14 Girls                0-2

U-11 Mixed                1-0

U-8 Mixed                  1-0


Puaikura vs Takuvaine


Premier Men             2-0

Senior Women         1-0

U-14 Boys                7-2       

U-11 Mixed               2-2

U-8 Mixed                  0-1


Titikaveka vs Matavera


Premier Men            2-1

Senior Women         3-0

U-14 Boys                 3-0

U-14 Grils                0-1

U-11 Mixed                0-4

U-8 Mixed                  2-0


U-17 Men’s Division

Nikao Sokattack vs Matavera                3-3

Titikaveka vs Avatiu                               6-2        

Puaikura vs Tupapa Maraerenga          0-1

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