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Tupapa Maraerenga prevail in top of table thriller

Tupapa Maraerenga came out winners in thrlling clash with defending champions Puaikura to stay on top of the Rarotonga Football Competition. The match appeared certain to end in a draw until Grover Harmon and Marc Evans connected to edge out Puaikura 1-0 in Saturday’s top of the table clash.

Puaikura were dominant and looked like an improved pack in the first half of the match, passing well with players linking up with each other nicely despite Tupapa Maraerenga’s efforts to disrupt them. They looked hard to beat with the home crowd urging them on, pushing forward and creating a few chances. Paavo Mustonen found a clear path to the goal in the 20th minute of the game when Tupapa Maraerenga defender Ed Brogan lost his balance however the striker was not able to capatilize as his shot at goal went wayward.

 It was a shift of momentum in the second half Tupapa Maraerenga came out eager to get a score on the board and showed their strength as Puaikura started to look vulnerable on set pieces. Very little went right for Puaikura in this last spell and it was Terence Maruariki who kept Puaikura in the game with a number of important saves, but Marc Evans was the difference maker for Tupapa Maraerenga. His goal came at a crucial point of the game. Tupapa Maraerenga broke the deadlock through Marc Evans with 15 minutes from time. Grover Harmon powered a grounded shot from outside the keepers box who had the ball lined up but it was redirected by Marc Evans and the keeper was not able to get to the ball in time. Ultimately Tupapa Maraerenga were able to hang on to their lead, despite a brave Puaikura display, and retained their unbeaten start to this Rarotonga football season

 Tupapa Maraerenga’s victories so far suggest that their status as the bookmakers favourites to win the Rarotonga football compeition is well deserved.

 In the other premier men’s match played at the Takuvaine field on Friday, Avatiu was beat by Takuvaine 1-0 and in another thrilling clash on Saturday, Nikao Sokattack defeated Titikaveka 4-3 in a heated clash at the Teimurimotia park.

 Here are the results from the weekend.


 Puaikura vs Tupapa Maraerenga

 Premier Men            0-1

Senior Women         0-1

U-14 Boys                0-3

U-14 Girls                1-1

U-11 Mixed               1-0

U-8 Mixed                  1-1



Titikaveka vs Nikao Sokattack

 Premier Men           3-4

Senior Women        2-0

U-14 Boys               2-0

U-14 Grils               0-1 

U-11 Mixed              0-2      

U-8 Mixed                5-1


Takuvaine vs Avatiu

 Premier Men         1-0        

U-11 Mixed            2-3   

U-8 Mixed              1-0



U-17 Men’s Division

Avatiu vs Puaikura                                  0-4

Tupapa Maraerenga vs Matavera           0-0        

Nikao Sokattack vs Titikaveka                2-1

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