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Village Festival Promotes Inclusion

The thrilling Village Festival is a fun safe place to play where children are inspired to be physically active and the power of sports takes root. Quality fun, safe afterschool programs are a core activity in helping all children learn, explore and grow.
“Children are naturally drawn to fun and sports are a vital part of childhood. The Just Play Community Initiative provides all boys and girls with the opportunity to be physically active after school in their community” says Just Play Manager Michelle Paiti.
Just Play will once again partner up with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and sporting codes Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Handball and new comers Badminton to deliver this month’s community initiative.
“We encourage all children boys and girls 5 to 13 years to come to Rutaki School Field to have a go at the variety of sports on offer, so parents organise your kids to attend the Festival after school where they will be supervised, safe and physically active.” continues Paiti.
Water will be provided during the festival but we ask that children wear hats or sunblock to keep them safe from the sun.
Inclusion is the Social Message for this month which will be delivered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Disability Division. Just Play’s Village Festival messages are to encourage positive change for the next generation to succeed in life.
Paiti would like to acknowledge the continued support of Australian Government (AusAid), Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), UEFA and UNICEF through the Just Play Social Development Programme as well as from our local partners in this community initiative.

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