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Hands-on Strategic Planning Workshop for CIFA

Instructors from FIFA and Oceania Football Confederation, FIFA Development Officer Oceania Glenn Turner, FIFA PERFORMANCE Program Consultant Anter Isaac and Head of Education for Oceania Football Confederation Didier Chambaron conducted the workshop on developing the Cook Islands Football Association’s Strategic Development Plan for 2015 – 2019.
The workshop has been invaluable in terms of brainstorming new ideas, setting a vision and achievable goals for Cook Islands Football Association.
“The outcome of this long term development plan will set us in the right direction for the next four year period in terms of achieving our goals and ultimately our mission” said Cook Islands Football Association President Lee Harmon.
FIFA Development Officer for Oceania Glenn Turner said for him personally the seminar has highlighted the support and leadership of CIFA President Lee Harmon.
“CIFA President Lee Harmon wanted this workshop conducted in the Cook Islands and has embraced all aspects of the workshop, shown great leadership by example and participation,” said Turner.
“All the participants have showed a tremendous respect for developing the game with serious work out puts. Participants have also worked hard with a lot to offer each other with ideas and goals. We look forward to returning and following up with CIFA’s President Lee Harmon, General Secretary Mii Piri and Executives in the next step of the strategic plan” stated Turner.
The workshop included undertaking analysis of CIFA’s environment and the development of values, mission and goals.
“The fact that CIFA President Mr Lee Harmon has initiated this workshop and the full attendance of participants for each of the three days, demonstrates that CIFA and football in general in the Cook Islands has embraced the responsibility to grow the game” said FIFA PERFORMANCE Program Consultant Anter Isaac.
“We have been encouraged by the active participation and motivation of CIFA’s Stakeholders to succeed in this first step of developing CIFA”s Strategic Plan” continues Isaac.
Oceania Football Confederation Head Didier Chambaron is delighted to be a part of the Strategic Planning Workshop and to share with all stakeholders from the perspective of the Technical department for the future of football in the Cook Islands.
“So far we have developed a technical development plan in isolation and now it is a step forward to be able to share experiences with a cohesive perspective for all stakeholders for the future of football in the Cook Islands” said Chambaron
“Each of the division from social responsibility, finance, media, marketing, referees, competitions and stakeholders have a clear shared vision, same direction, developed around specific goals and achievable objectives” stated Chambaron.
CIFA is excited about developing the new strategic plan and believes it will ensure the continued development and growth of football within the Cook Islands.

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