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Tisam & Toselli assessed for B Licence progress

From December 1-16 last year the first ever OFC B Licence coaching course to candidates from nine of the 11 OFC member associations.
During the 16-day course, each participant was assessed four times and given immediate feedback by instructors to help them improve their training plans and delivery.
Last week, as a continuation of the work which begun in December Jacquemet evaluated the progress of Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) technical director and B Licence candidate Tuka Tisam and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) mentor/coach Simon Toselli.
“This was a good opportunity for me to see Tisam and Toselli in their environment and to see how the players react to different formats of technical practices – small sided games or phase of play,” Jacquemet said.
The format of each session should be of an advanced and specific level with the ultimate goal of achieving its training plan objectives, and each B Licence aspirant should be actively involved with a senior team so that these sessions can be put into practice regularly.
The B Licence is a short term objective OFC has for preparing coaches – with the long term goal of producing top quality players.
Through his role as CIFA technical director, Tisam is involved in the coaching of the Cook Islands U-17 team, the centre of excellence as well as one senior level men’s team which gives him plenty of opportunities to put his newly-acquired knowledge into practice.
Toselli is in charge of coaching development in American Samoa, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga, and will be in American Samoa until 8 March.
Tisam and Toselli are required to send a monthly report to OFC head of education Didier Chambaron and for the assessment both were given topics to deliver their practical situations with senior players.
“Preparation is the key to a successful delivery of any game situation, making sure that your instructions are followed and that your objective is determined and understood,” Tisam said.