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Coaching course to boost Aitutaki

The FIFA Youth Licence Coaching Course is the first ever FIFA course to be held at the newly inaugurated Aitutaki Island Football Association (AIFA) Education Centre in Vaipae from 2.30pm to 8.00pm with the practical session being held at the Vaipae field.
Twenty local coaches from around Aitutaki who are involved in their local clubs have lodged their interest to participate in the theory and practical sessions provided by Toselli and Tisam.
“We will be here to guide the coaches and to assist them to organize, plan and deliver a session for youngsters aged 13-16 years of age in their respective clubs,” says Tisam.
The participants are believed to benefit enormously through the first of many coaching courses to develop future football players to represent the Cook Islands at various age group and national team for both men and women. The theory and practical sessions were alternated on the field while delivering their coaching concepts to youth players in various age groups 13-14 years and 15-16 years.
“This course is expected to assist the coaches by developing a process and practical concept, where they will deliver to their youth players and practice in real situation,” says Toselli.
Although some of the participants were beginners they were enthusiastic about learning from Toselli and Tisam and taking their newly found knowledge of the process of delivering a coaching concept to youth players.
To wrap up the youth coaching course Tisam and Toselli will assess the coaches in a practical session where they will plan, organize, set-up and deliver a real situation to the youth players at the Vaipae field.
“The coaches here on Aitutaki are very keen to learn what we have to offer and we encourage them to be proactive towards their coaching. We believe this week has been a learning curve for all participants and we will continue to support them,” says Tisam.
Tisam will assist Aitutaki’s Development Officer, Tiraa Arere Jnr with an action plan to keep the process ongoing while encouraging those participants to work closely with Aitutaki Football and Cook Islands Football.