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George attend first FIFA meeting

The meeting for the Disciplinary Committee was held on Wednesday 14 August 2013.
Three new members were inducted onto the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and they are Raymond Hack of South Africa, Mrs. Jo Setright of Australia and Mr. Norman George of the Cook Islands. They were welcomed by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Mr. Claudio Sulser.
The newly inducted members were introduced to the FIFA President Mr. Joseph Blatter and were handed their credentials and gold FIFA pins.
Then it was down to business where the members had a total of twenty two complaints to deliberate and consider. The complaints varied from transfer violations, protest violations during football games and unsporting violations.
Fines imposed varied from as low as CHF 5,000, 9,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000.
The above are quoted in Swiss Francs which is slightly higher than the US dollars.
Some penalties included the suspension of players, warnings and reprimands. There were also complaints that were not upheld.
“All committee members on the FIFA Disciplinary Committee are experienced lawyers and were all well received and well treated by FIFA staff,” says Norman.
“We will have a plenary conference in Zurich at the end of November and I am pleased with the way I was able to travel to Zurich and back in 7 days, without a hitch or suffering from jet lag” says Norman.