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Junior football coaching course kicks off

The seven clubs are Matavera FC, Tupapa Maraerenga FC, Takuvaine FC, Avatiu FC, Nikao Sokattak FC, Arorangi FC and Titikaveka FC.
21 participants have confirmed their attendance to the OFC ‘D’ Licence Part 1 (Grassroots) and Part 2 (Youth) coaching course which will be a boost for all clubs here on Rarotonga at the junior and youth level.
The five day course will take place at the CIFA academy in Matavera from 3pm through to 8pm and aims to equip the coaches with the football knowledge and skills that help improve the quality of coaching and player performance at club level.
CIFA’s head of technical Jimmy Katoa along with national coach Maurice Tillotson and development officer Tuka Tisam will lead the grassroots and youth coaching course with the aim to provide an opportunity to develop vital skills for the coaches who will be the key to delivering what they have learned at club trainings.
“It is very important what the participants learn at this course. They will be accredited to deliver the coaching materials to improve their player’s football skills and lift the standard and quality with their respective clubs,” says Katoa.
Day one of the course will be dedicated to the grassroots level with an hour of theory sessions with topics such as strategic visions and action plans while the rest of the evening will concentrate on practical sessions taken by national coach Maurice Tillotson on basic techniques and skill practices.
For some of the participants attending the first day of the course will act as a refresher course however for the rest it will be their first time attending any football coaching course and it will no doubt be an eye opener for them.
Day two through to day four of the course, the participants will go through OFC ‘D’ Part 2 – Youth where OFC referee instructor Maara Kaukura present the Laws of the Game along with OFC Level 1 goalkeeping instructor Ngatokorua Elikana presenting both theory and practical sessions on goalkeeping techniques and practices. Presentations will also include CIFA’s admin officer Mii Piri to present the Cook Islands Football Association’s structure so the participants can understand the overall organizational structure of football here in the Cook Islands.
Day five will focus mainly on the participant’s practical sessions where they will be accessed individually on various topics taught throughout the week. It is anticipated that each participant will gain confidence and be comfortable in delivering their coaching sessions at club trainings.
According to first time participant Trevor Arona of the Tupapa Maraerenga Football club, this course will help him organize and deliver training sessions to his Under 14 girl’s players.
“This is a real eye opener for me knowing what to do before I reach the training sessions, how to set up, making each session count for the players to understand and follow,” says Arona. He went to say, “I hope to gain a lot from this coaching course so I can promote football in my club by organizing fun and safe football game for our players.”