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Puaikura Makes Winning Start

Although Puaikura FC dominated ball possession it was Nikao Sokattak who scored the first goal which came off the boot off Wavin Reddy.
During the first half Puaikura had several opportunities to equalize but it did not eventuate until five minutes before the half time break when striker Dwayne Tiputoa blasted the ball onto Nikao’s keeper’s gloves and into the back off the net.
At the start of the second half it was clear both teams were anxious to take the lead and start their season on a high with a win. It was not until midway through this half Conroy Tiputoa scored Puaikura’s second and final goal which was enough to win the match.
In the other premier men’s match played at the Takitumu school grounds, Takuvaine outplayed a determined Matavera side by 4 goals to one.
On Friday evening, last year’s champions Tupapa Maraerenga defeated a new-look Avatiu team in a close and well-deserved win by three goals to two.

Below are the full results of games of the first round of pool matches.
Pool A- Avatiu vs Tupapa Maraerenga
Premier Men 2-3
Senior Women 1-8
Under 17 Men 0-0
Under 14 Boys 0-12
Under 14 Girls 0-4
Under 11 Mixed 0-3
Under 8 Mixed 0-3
Pool A- Nikao Sokattak vs Puaikura FC
Premier Men 1-2
Senior Women 4-0
Under 17 Men 3-1
Under 14 Boys 6-1
Under 14 Girls 0-3
Under 11 Mixed 0-3
Under 8 Mixed 0-1
Pool B- Takuvaine-Tutakimoa vs Matavera
Premier Men 4-1
Senior Women 3-0
Under 17 Men 2-1
Under 14 Boys 0-11
Under 14 Girls 0-3
Under 11 Mixed 1-2
Under 8 Mixed 3-0

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