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Fired up in Five-A-Side

Kicking off at 4:45pm the women’s division will be an upbeat match between the skilled Corporates with Hush Barbizs on field one. The Lady Bears take on the feisty Hoteyes on field two. The young SWAT will play the powerhouse Tupapa Qweenz on field three. Cherries and the Tic Taks go head to head on field four.
The men’s division matches at 5:20pm will see Turbo contest Virgin Ave on field one, Snowbird play Yelloweez on field two. Skilful power scoring DJ’s will take on Fast & Furious on field three and Friends will challenge the dynamic high scoring No Ordinary Family on field four.
In last week Thursday’s game No Ordinary Family overwhelmed Turbo six goals to nil. Three of the goals were scored by Paavo Mustonen and one each by Steve Cuthers, Twin Tiro and Branden Turepu.
The women’s division had an adrenaline-charged game between leading women’s teams Cherries and Tupapa Qweenzs. The Tupapa Qweenz beat the Cherries two goals to nil, with goals from Elizabeth and Moeroa Harmon.
Don’t miss out as the teams use football skill, flair and speed in this fast paced competition. Come and support your teams today.
Results from Thursday:
Women’s division:
Cherries 0 – Tupapa Qweenz 2
Hush Barbizs 0 – Tic Taks 2
Lady Bears 4 – SWAT 0
Corporate 3 – Hoteyes 1
Men’s division:
Fast & Furious 1 – Snowbird 5
Friends 0 – DJ’s 5
No Ordinary Family 6 – Turbo 0
Yelloweez 3 – Virgin Ave 2
Draw for today in the women’s division at 4.45pm:
Field 1 Corporate vs. Hush Barbizs
Field 2 Lady Bears vs. Hoteyes
Field 3 SWAT vs. Tupapa Qweenz
Field 4 Cherries vs. Tic Taks
Draw for today in the men’s division will kick off at 5.20pm:
Field 1 Turbo vs. Virgin Ave
Field 2 Snowbird vs. Yelloweez
Field 3 DJ’s vs. Fast & Furious
Field 4 Friends vs. No Ordinary Family

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