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Five-a-side Soccer Action Today

The action packed games will see more teamwork, technique and speed in this fast paced competition.
Today’s five-a-side competition will see the women’s division play their second games at 4.45pm while the men’s category head into their matches at 5.20pm.
The women’s division kick off with Tupapa Qweenz’s going head to head against Hoteyes on field one. Corporate will take on Tic Taks on field two, Lady Bears will play Hush Barbizs on field three and Cherries will play SWAT on field four.
In the men’s division Fast & Furious will face No Ordinary Family on field one, high goal scoring Snowbirds will play DJS on field two, Virgin Ave will take on Friends on field three and Yelloweez will contest Turbo on field four.
Last Monday’s games saw the men’s division Snowbirds overwhelmed the Yelloweez seven to nil and Virgin Ave astounded the Turbo’s five to nil in a lively game.
In the women’s division, the goal scoring spree intensified with Tupapa Qweenz thrashing the SWAT twelve goals to nil and Corporate crushing the Hush Barbizs eight to nil.
We encourage you to come and show your support for your teams today.
Results from Monday’s match:
Women’s Division:
Cherries 3 vs Tic Taks 0
Tupapa Qweenz 12 vs SWAT 0
Hush Barbizs 0 vs Corporate 8
Lady Bears 0 vs Hoteyes 3
Men’s Division:
Snowbird 7 vs Yelloweez 0
Virgin Ave 5 vs Turbo 0
Fast & Furious 1 vs DJS 1
No Ordinary Family 4 vs Friends 2
Draw for today, women’s division:
Field 1 Tupapa Qweenz vs. Hoteyes
Field 2 Tic Taks vs. Corporate
Field 3 Hush Barbizs vs. Lady Bears
Field 4 Cherries vs. SWAT
Draw for the men’s category:
Field 1 Fast & Furious vs. No Ordinary Family
Field 2 Snowbird vs. DJS
Field 3 Virgin Ave vs. Friends
Field 4 Yelloweez vs. Turbo

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