Avatiu upset Tupapa

As the final whistle blew Avatiu Premier Mens players and supporters cheered echoes of excitement as their team have caused a big upset for Leaders Tupapa winning their game. Tupapa showed dominance with ball possession but failed to slip the ball past Avatiu’s goalkeeper. Before the half time break both teams regrouping and pondering how they could score as both teams wouldn’t give up any scoring opportunities.
Flares of brilliance was evident from both teams but it was young strikers Marcello Rairo and Marcus Toru of Avatiu pounding on the Tupapa defense however when a break came through for Marcus, he took the chance and slid that much awaited goal for Avatiu sending the supporters into a frenzy mid way of the second half. As the time ticked away Tupapa tried effortlessly to equalize but Avatiu had a sturdy defense to deny Tupapa the chance.
Tupapa coach/player Dave Milanovich was absent and the Tupapa team had no real direction.
In the other Premier Men’s match played Takuvaine winning against Matavera three to one while Nikao Sokattak annihilating Arorangi on their home turf.
Full results from last week:
Under 17 Boys:
Nikao 4 – Tupapa 2
Matavera 7 – Titikaveka 1
Arorangi vs. Nikao
Under 14 Boys 0-1
Under 15 Girls 1-2
Senior Womens 0-3
Premier Mens 0-12
Tupapa vs. Avatiu
Under 14 Boys 0-0
Under 15 Girls 0-0
Senior Womens 5-0
Premier Mens 0-1
Takuvaine vs. Matavera
Under 14 Boys 3-1
Senior Womens 1-1
Premier Mens 3-2

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