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“D-Day for Football Festival”

The stage is now ready, the curtain will unveil who will be the best youth team, boys and girls to etch their name on the Kia Orana Youth Football Festival silverware for 2017. Close to 250 of the top youth players from Rarotonga, the outer islands and clubs from New Zealand will show their football talents during the festival.

To contest in today’s competition are teams from Rarotonga – Avatiu, Tupapa Maraerenga, Puaikura, Takitumu Jets, Takitumu Pirates and Takitumu Royales, teams from the outer islands – Aitutaki, Mangaia and Mauke and teams from New Zealand – Beachlands Fury and Ellerslie.

It is without a doubt that all local clubs, Avatiu, Puaikura, Takitumu Jets, Takitumu Pirates, Takitumu Royales and Tupapa Maraerenga will have ‘inside’ knowledge of how each local team plays going from their games played last season however, will it be enough against the teams from the outer islands and New Zealand.

For Avatiu it will be up to coach, Ngatupuna Manuela to set their paces for the festival while Theresa Tatuava, Billy Foster and Edwin Henry have their sights set for the three Takitumu teams.  For Tupapa Maraerenga it will be under the guidance of Delaney Yaqona together with Trevor Arona while youngster Jarves Aperau and Matakeu Katuke to rally the Puaikura teams for a pleasing result.

As for the outer islands, Aitutaki will be steered by Tiraa Aree Jnr while Mangaia is led by the tenacious Mata Herman and Tangianau Aueovai and Mauke is at the helm of Leon Moetaua and Maru Tamaka.

For our Kiwi counterparts Ellerslie Mustangs have the experience of Barry Woolmore while Kirk Travis prepares his side to hopefully lay claim to what is on offer here at the much awaited Kia Orana Youth Football Festival.

Today’s games will not only be exciting but interesting to see the outcome of the team’s first meet.

To open the day’s preceding will be young ladies from Aitutaki and Avatiu in Pool A, who no doubt will field their best to win their first game of the festival and the Takitumu Pirates and Tupapa Maraerenga have the privilege to get things started for the boys division.

Draw for today, Saturday 15th April:                                                                      

9:30am            Pool A              U16 Girls         Aitutaki vs. Avatiu

10:40am          Pool B              U16 Girls         Mauke vs. Beachlands Fury

11:50am          Pool A              U16 Girls         Mangaia vs. Tupapa Maraerenga

Puaikura BYE

1:00pm            Pool B              U16 Girls         Ellerslie Mustangs vs. Takitumu Royales

2:10pm            Pool A              U16 Boys         Takitumu Pirates vs. Tupapa Maraerenga

3:20pm            Pool B              U16 Boys         Puaikura vs. Mangaia

Takitumu Jets BYE

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