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Major milestone for Mangaia football

On Tuesday 16th May 2018, football equipment’s and transportation worth $247,000.00 were blessed and officially handed over to the Mangaia Football Association.

The blessing and dedication of football equipment’s and transportation took place at the Ivirua hall in Mangaia.

The ceremony was well attended by the Aronga Mana of the Island of Mangaia, CIFA President Mr. Lee Harmon, CIFA Vice President Junior Areai and CIFA Facility and Equipment Manager Lai Gukisuva along with invited guests who came to witness the bestowment of football equipment’s to the Mangaia Football Association.

The equipment’s were funded under the FIFA Forward Program. Equipment’s included: uniforms for the various clubs on the Island, soccer balls, aluminium goalposts, barbeque, roaster, chairs, tables, marquees as well as a ride on mower, 16 seater van, and a pickup truck amounting to $247,000.00

During the CIFA Presidents speech he mentioned that the equipment’s will not only help football on the Island but also the community.

“It is important that Mangaia football share the use of some of the football equipment’s with other codes as some of them don’t have the resources like football.”

The funded equipment’s symbolizes FIFA’s strong commitment to work with member associations on developing the game through the FIFA FORWARD program and is a major milestone for Mangaia football. It is by far the highest in terms of cost for any project CIFA has given to any of its members.

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