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Teams set for OFC Champions League Qualifiers

Lotoha'apai posing for a photo on arrival in Rarotonga

The champion clubs from Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga arrived on Wednesday 23rdand have begun their preparations for the OFC Champions league qualifiers, kicking off tomorrow at the CIFA Complex in Matavera. Each team believes that their chances at moving to the next stage are very strong, as this time around, two teams will qualify.


Upon asking the team coach from Lotoha’apai United FC Lui Muavesi, how the preparation has been for his team, he replied saying that the preparation has been hard. Their training has been based around the players’ fitness and building up their fitness levels to go over and beyond other teams.


The team representing American Samoa, Pago Youth FC, also saying it was hard to prepare and had a similar training focus. The coach, Rambo Tapui, said that in previous years their fitness levels have not quite been up to standard but feels that has now improved.


Pago Youth FC, has not qualified for the OFC Champions league before, however with the addition of a second team qualifying this time around, they think that their chances have increased immensely. Tapui, also said that a key player to watch out for is their captain Ryan Samuelu, because of the experience he has in football, representing the country American Samoa for six years now, and also the club. However, he says all of his players are key to his team.


Lotoha’apai FC will take on Pago Youth at 2:30 pm, followed by our local side Tupapa Maraerenga taking on Kiwi FC T 5:30 pm.

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