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Festival Attracts Big Numbers

It was an exuberant festival for over 70 children who came down to the park to enjoy the activities delivered by Michelle Paiti and her team.
A number of sporting bodies were represented at the festival including Athletics who was also celebrating World Athletics Day on Tuesday.
The children were able to enjoy some fun obstacle and running exercises put on by Athletics Cook Islands.
In addition, participants got to delight in a number of other activities including rugby, football and badminton.
“From our last festival we held in this area we only attracted about 30 children,” Paiti says.
She believes the community initiative has gained tremendous interest amongst parents on the island, who are now recognising the benefits of the Just Play programme.
“Our numbers are continuously increasing at every festival and we are excited for the next half of the year,” she says.
Apart from all the action out on the pitch, the children sat through a key message delivery-session with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to discuss on important issues surrounding Inclusion.
“It was here that the children learnt the importance of RESPECT and ACCEPT. Treating others the way you want to be treated and accepting we are all different,” says Paiti.
By the end of the festival it was clear that the messages were received well by the participants and Paiti was thrilled to see everyone having fun and enjoying the activities.

Just Play would like to thank its local partners and sports associations for their continued support towards its community initiative, as well as the parents who joined in and helped deliver some of the activities on the day.
Just Play is a sport for development programme supported by Australian Aid, New Zealand Aid, FFA, the UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF.

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