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Atiu Receives Just Play With Open Arms

Project manager Michelle Paiti was visiting the Southern group island where she delivered the two-day training workshop and promoted the ENDviolence against women and children campaign.
“We received a lot of positive response,” says Paiti.
“My expectations for Atiu were well exceeded and I was happy to see that the programme had generated huge interest with the number of participants doubled when I arrived.”
The course attracted a total of 14 participants including teachers from the Enuamanu primary school and community leaders from the St Anthony Boy Scouts & Girl Guides and the CICC Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade & Girl Guides.
“Through a theory session the participants were able to grasp the concept; objectives and delivery of Just Play.”
This was followed by a practical session out on the pitch with students from the school.
With social responsibility also being an important part of the programme, participants were educated on how to deliver key social messages and adapting it to different age groups.
Paiti was impressed by how easily this was absorbed and practiced.
“They all took ownership very quickly and it was pleasing to see and hear that they communicated the social messages very clearly.”
Following the two-day course, participants were presented with certificates and Just Play kits containing balls, rings, cones & markers, bibs, a whistle and a pump.
“The new facilitators will now deliver the activities once a week for the next 16 weeks and will also need to complete an evaluation process following each session.”
In addition to the training course Paiti achieved another stepping stone on her outer island expedition. She introduced the Weave a Star Project to students at Enuamanu School in aid of promoting the ENDviolence against women and children campaign.
“It was a good opportunity to spread the project to the outer islands, as well as relevant towards our end the violence mission.”
The project was welcomed by the Year 6, 7 & 8 students who managed to weave a total of 112 stars.
“I will be handing these completed stars over to Punanga Tauturu Inc.’s to assist with their bid of 10,000 stars for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Exhibition in the Gold Coast.”
In return the students were rewarded with a Pacific Spring-sponsored slap-band each with the words “Vaima keeps me moving” imprinted.
This is the second time Just Play has been to the island of Atiu with the last visit being in 2012. With the exception of one teacher all participants in this course were introduced to the programme for the first time. This was however a delivery of new content for everyone who joined in.
Just Play would like to thank the Enuamanu school principal Syaka Tairi, the uniformed organizations of Atiu, as well as the island community for receiving the programme with open arms and the St. Anthony’s Parish for a wonderful catering service that was provided during the course.
Just Play is a sport for development programme supported by Australian Aid, New Zealand Aid, FFA, the UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF.

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