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Village Festival in store for Tupapa

The teamed up sporting activities will take place at the Victoria Park in Tupapa on Wednesday 13 March from 2.30pm for about an hour where the four sporting codes will provide a variety of activities for the keen youngsters to have a go.
The initiative was instigated by the social development program Just Play Football Project Manager, Michelle Paiti and Public Health’s Karen Tairea following the promotion of the NCD Awareness Program to keep Cook Islanders Active and eating Healthy.
The Village Festival will run once a month around Rarotonga with the support of Public Health and other sporting codes to promote the awareness of the non-communicable diseases in each of the villages and to keep our future Cook Islanders active.
Karen Tairea of Public Health will hold a NCD Awareness workshop after the games at the Tupapa Meeting House from 6-7pm to make the public aware and to be informed of the non-communicable diseases within our small community.
“It is great to see that sport and in particular football through Just Play will play a role in promoting physical activity to assist in the awareness of non-communicable diseases here on our island,” says Paiti.
“With the assistance of Cook Islands Rugby, Cook Islands Cricket and ANZ Tamariki Sports your youngsters will enjoy a variety of sporting activities and hopefully the message of active and healthy living will stay in the minds of our little ones through sports,” she says.
The youngsters within and around Tupapa Maraerenga and nearby town area are asked to head on down to Victoria Park for a mixed variety of fun and games.
Paiti would like to thank Ben Koteka, CEO Cook Islands Rugby Union, Alister Stevic, CEO Cook Islands Cricket and Ake Hosea of ANZ Tamariki Sports for coming on board to support the awareness of the non-communicable disease and to provide sporting activities for oour youngsters.

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