Matavera hungry for a win

Alan Taylor will want his Matavera premier men’s team to go all out for a win against Nikao Sokattak in their Round Cup Competition clash on Saturday 1 September  at the Nikao Sports field.

Nikao Sokattak is coming off a 3-0 defeat last week to Puaikura and now faces a Matavera squad that is hungry for a win.

This should be a very intriguing match-up given the depth of talent that these two teams have.

Nikao Sokattak hopes to keep its spot at the top half of the table intact when they host the struggling Matavera men’s team. Both sides lost last time out, so avoiding defeat will be the priority.

Nikao Sokattak have the players who can produce a moment of magic to turn the game to their favor in a moment’s notice and have the personnel to take this game wide open.

Meanwhile Matavera have shown their stout defensive nature in their own third of the pitch which will prove vital against the home team.

Matavera having failed to overcome top seed Tupapa Maraerenga in their last game, it is imperative they don’t lose here and it may see the side employ a safety-first approach against Nikao. If they play their style of football, they can play the role of the capable underdog and beat Nikao Sokattak and then hopefully start their rise to the top half of the table.

The other venue today will be at the CIFA Complex with Titikaveka facing Puaikura

Here is the referee draw and appointments for the Saturday games.


Saturday 1st Sept 2018, at the Nikao Field.

Nikao Sokattak FC vs Matavera FC

12.30pm                    Under 14 Girls

Ref: John Pareanga                         Assist: Angelina Mitchell, Kataraina Piri

1.30pm                       Under 14 Boys

Ref: Tupou Patia                  Assist: Moeroa Harmon, Bim Tou

2.30pm                       Senior Women

Ref: Lai Gukisuva                Assist: Moeroa Harmon, Bim Tou

4.00pm                       Premier Men

Ref: Tupou Patia                Assist: Lai Gukisuva, Kataraina Piri



Titikaveka FC vs Puaikura FC at the CIFA complex, Matavera.

12.30pm                    Under 14 Girls

Ref: Amnish Prasad            Assist: Robert. J. Savage, Jake Browne

1.30pm                       Under 14 Boys

Ref: Noel Mani                    Assist: Robert. J. Savage, Kura Smith

2.30pm                       Senior Women

Ref: Robert Savage             Assist: Emilie Pierce, Kimiora Makitae

4.00pm                       Premier Men

Ref: Maara Kaukura              Assist: Amnish Prasad, Noel Mani

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