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Final showdown for Primary School

The senior Primary School competition play-off matches kicks off at 2.45pm in the girl’s division followed by the boy’s category at 3.20pm and here’s a look at the action that’s in store.
Avarua and Avatea, the two sides that have dominated the boy’s division in the 2013 Senior Primary School Championship since their opening matches four weeks ago will face off in the final showdown.
Avatea have demonstrated that they are willing to take this tournament to the end with an undefeated bout however Avarua have registered a similar fate having not lost a game during the competition but the clash today will see who will conquer and take the honors in the boy’s division for 2013 Senior Primary School Championship.

Nukutere and Arorangi will be fighting for third place and this is likely to be a competitive match while Nikao, Papaaroa, Te Uki Ou and Titikaveka play for a placing.
The Avarua girl’s team have shown and proven their dominance during this year’s matches and their clash against under dogs Nukutere and will no doubt look to seal the deal for their school. Nukutere shocked onlookers when they booked their placing for a podium spot after defeating Avatea by two goals to one.
Playing for third placing is Titikaveka and Avatea who both have a chance to make their school as one of the top football playing Primary Schools on Rarotonga.
Last Wednesday’s semi final matches saw some unexpected results however the main goal for everyone was to enjoy their games against their peers and to see their school through to today’s finale challenge.
The last four weeks of competition have seen and heard the vocal support of teachers and parents that have boosted and encouraged the children to perform at their best and without a doubt that support will be evident today. Good luck to all the school teams in today’s final football show down.
Results from last week’s semi final:
Senior Girl’s division:
Avarua 2 – Titikaveka 0
Avatea 1 – Nukutere 2
Nikao 0 – Arorangi 1
Senior Boy’s division:
Avarua 2 – Arorangi 0
Avatea 8 – Nukutere 0
Nikao 4 – Titikaveka 1
Papaaroa 9 – Te Uki Ou 0
Today’s draw, Senior Girl’s division:
Field 1 Titikaveka vs. Avatea
Field 2 Avarua vs. Nukutere
Senior Boy’s division:
Field 1 Nukutere vs. Arorangi
Field 2 Avarua vs. Avatea
Field 3 Nikao vs. Papaaroa
Field 4 Te Uki Ou vs. Titikaveka

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