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Just Play to Beat Diabetes

“Stay Super and Beat Diabetes” is the theme for today’s session, with social messages surrounding health and inclusion to be delivered by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The festival comes as the third one for the year and this time Just Play will be delivering the community initiative in the village of Titikaveka.
“We are trying to reach out to the whole island and give children all around the opportunity to participate in the programme,” says Project Manager, Michelle Paiti.
“So far this year the festival has proven to be successful with the numbers of children and parents growing each time.”
For an hour, children will participate in a variety of fun sporting activities. This is to take place at the school field behind Papaaroa Adventist School. Children ages 5-13 years old are being advised to come along after school for a fun-filled session.
A recent review has proven the Cook Islands has the fourth highest prevalence of diabetes worldwide.
Paiti said, “The village festival will give us a platform to inform and educate the children about the severity of this disease and what we should be doing to help bring down those numbers and reduce the risk factors of obesity and diabetes.”
The festival will start at 2:30pm and finish at 3:30pm, down at the Papaaroa School Field. Parents are encouraged to come along as well.
Just Play is a sport for development programme supported by Australian Aid, New Zealand Aid, FFA, the UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF.

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